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Fairwinds Media represents a collection of brands including Fairwinds Wellness, Fairwinds Cannabis, and Passion Flower.

Fairwinds was established in 2015 and set a standard in the Washington state cannabis market for clean, premium wellness products.

In 2020 I began as their Marketing Content Creator. My role covered marketing strategy development and implementation, art direction, and visual brand identity. My tasks included product photography, video production, style guide development, social media management, digital advertising strategy and producing an educational video series called the Budtender Empowerment Program.



The Budtender Empowerment Program is the first of its kind in Washington state. This 16 episode video series provides budtenders with industry knowledge: how to navigate legal compliance, scientific understanding of the body and how different methods of consumption have different effects. Fairwinds believes in using our resources to push this industry forward.

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